The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida in Inari is worth a visit

Spend an exciting day at Siida Sámi Museum & North Lapland Nature Centre and experience a unique day of Sámi history and culture.

Empowering the Sámi identity and culture

The Sámi Museum Siida serves as both a national museum dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Sámi culture and a regional institution tasked with safeguarding cultural environments within the Sámi Area. Within their collections, they curate the rich tapestry of spiritual and material culture belonging to the Finnish Sámi community, which they proudly showcase through exhibitions and publications. Their primary mission revolves around nurturing and empowering the Sámi identity and cultural self-esteem. Collaboratively, they work alongside partnering museums across the Nordic countries and Russia, collectively preserving the essence of Sámi culture. Furthermore, as a proud member of the global indigenous people’s museum network, they actively contribute to the broader recognition and appreciation of indigenous heritage worldwide.

A glimpse into the Northern Lapland´s nature 

Metsähallitus-maintained nature centers offer a diverse range of attractions and a wealth of intriguing information about the natural world. Their aim is to inspire people to actively engage with nature and find rejuvenation within its embrace. Among these centers, Nature Centre Siida stands as the northernmost outpost, diligently maintained by Metsähallitus, and operates in close partnership with the Siida Sámi Museum.

The permanent exhibitions at Siida, which delve into the wonders of Northern Lapland’s nature and the vibrant Sámi culture, are collaborative creations crafted in conjunction with the Sámi Museum and Siida Nature Centre. In addition to these enriching exhibitions, they provide an array of services under the Metsähallitus umbrella and offer valuable insights into the region’s travel and tourism offerings.

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Practical information

Where to find it:

The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is located on road E4 in the village of Inari on the north side of the River Juutuanjoki bridge. 

40 km from Ivalo

50 km from Ivalo Airport

75 km from Saariselkä

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