Visit – explore – and go beyond in the Barents-region destinations

Read more about the key destinations in the Barents region and what they have to offer.

Ivalo (Finland)

Looking for the Northern Light or wanting to get into the wild in Finland? Ivalo offers a range of wildlife activites – and some nice places to get warm again when you get back. Fly in to their airport or check out the bus connections to your journey.

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Kirkenes (Norway)

Above the Arctic circle, at the north of Norway, Kirkenes gives you the chance to go safari – on the water. Go catch a King’s crab on the ocean or let the husky’s get you up to speed on land. History has also played its part on Kirkenes and the museums gives you the insight. Fly to Kirkenes or see the bus connections from across the border.

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Murmansk (Russia)

Exploring the many monuments across Murmansk, hunt the Northern Lights or enjoy the cultural experiences of Russia. With its active and ice-free bay area, Murmansk is the largest city north of the polar sircle and is accessible by flight or bus.

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Rovaniemi (Finland)

The winter wonderland of Rovaniemi in Finland is famous across the world and attracts many tourists looking for a real winter or Christmas experience. From husky tours to looking for Santa Clause – there’s plenty to and see in Rovaniemi. The city has both an airport and several bus routes connecting you to the World.

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Vadso (Norway)

From Vadso, the ocean is offering activities – and you might want to stop by the spectacular Church of Arctic Sea. With less than 5,000 inhabitants, Vadso will be the small community to offer you warmth and history on the edge of the national park of Varanger.

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Vardo (Norway)

At Norway’s northern coastline you find the charming small town of Vardo (Vardø). Connect with the hard-working small coast-based community. Fishing has been a core part of Vardo, and the fishermen have never been afraid to set sail for their purpose. Arrive by bus – check the travel planner for your options.

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