Alta hotel in exclusive company

The Historic is a unique collection of hotels and restaurants in Norway, that emphasize on offering more than just a place to stay. Their goal is to create charming experiences that enrich guests' stays and leave lasting memories.

Historic Hotels and Restaurants

The Historic Hotel & Restaurants is not just a collection of accommodations and restaurants, it is a symbol of the uniqueness and the extraordinary of Norway. With 66 hotels, 21 eateries and even two ships under its brand, this network has established itself as a hallmark of quality and distinctiveness within the hospitality industry.

The best Finnmark has to offer

Among these jewels is Trasti & Trine, a destination that perfectly captures the essence of the best Finnmark has to offer. Located in Alta, Trasti & Trine blends the best of Finnmark’s culinary traditions with exciting activities. From dog sledding in the majestic Alta Valley to the culinary arts of Trine Lyrek and Johnny Trasti, this place offers a unique experience that appeals to gourmet foodies and adventurous souls alike.

Unique rooms and cabins

History is important to Trasti & Trine, and this is reflected not only in the building structure, which consists of 10 characteristic buildings and cabins, including some inspired by Kven history and culture, but also in their approach to food. By telling the stories of Finnmark through both architecture and culinary experiences, Trasti & Trine brings a piece of the region’s heritage to life.

Celebrating the heritage of Finnmark

Becoming part of De Historiske is an honour for Trasti & Trine. It is a testament to their commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Finnmark. It is not just a hotel and restaurant; it is a portal to past history and future opportunities in one of Norway’s most fascinating regions.

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