A journey from Bodø to Murmansk

The new bus route Bodø - Murmansk will be more exotic than the Trans-Siberian railway, according to the management of Nordlandsbuss.

Long time coming

Soon there is a new bus route between Bodø and Murmansk. It is called Barents roads and has been planned for many years. There have been several attempts with air routes across the North Calotte, without success. This bus route will be a cheaper alternative and will offer unique experiences along the route through the three countries. 

Collaboration across borders

For six years there has been an all-year bus route between Bodø and Skellefteå, but what is different now is that this bus route is coordinated with Swedish, Finnish and Russian companies. In just two days you can travel the entire distance with only a few bus changes. 

Project Barents Road

Project Barents Road was established in 1997 and is a collaboration between authorities and businesses in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The project was first and foremost started to boost the tourism industry and it has, but equally important is how well the countries cooperate in several areas.

Unique attractions

The goal now is to expand the offer to travelers along the route. Efforts are being made to create attractions, activities, guiding and easier border crossings. The combination of the Nordland coast, unspoiled wilderness, urban attractions and Russia makes for an interesting mix that many will find appealing. 

Make it a journey

With one bus ticket for the entire route, you can spend as long as you want on the trip and create an exciting journey. Fantastic attractions you can experience along the way: Arctic coast, fishing, whale watching, Igloo hotels, Sami culture, and of course the northern lights.

Enjoy your trip!